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CCTV is a great deterrent! However it can be a lot more

Using the latest technology, it can activate motion detection and send push notifications to your devices.

Great for areas such as drive ways & property access areas.

We have a great relationship with QVIS, the UK’s number 1 cctv and security brand.

Meaning we cut out the middle man!

The QVIS 4K System is second to none.

So don’t settle for low quality off the self supermarket or DIY cctv kits.

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“With our good relationship with our suppliers, we can offer the latest technology to secure your home/business.

We only use leading manufacturers products and can be viewed 24/7 on your smartphone and/or tablet”

APJ Digital – Specialist CCTV INSTALLER

We offer free quotations for all our CCTV home security installations.

More than ever before, there’s a need to keep our commercial & private properties safe.

This can be achieved with a number of measures that can act as deterrents to put off would-be intruders.

We carry everything required to carry out the installation at your home or business, and should you wish, can have your CCTV system fully installed and configured during the same visit.

With more than 20 years of experience of installing top quality systems from manufacturers.

We cover all sizes of projects in the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas.

We offer an effective security system that enables people to protect their valuable property.

A specialist engineer will visit your site to inspect it and report back to you as part of a direct consultation.

We will discuss your needs and analyse the site before informing you what options are available.

This means we will be installing a camera system personalised to your project.

We take care of everything from initial site survey, design, installation and maintenance of your CCTV system to give you the peace of mind that your property and premises are protected by security cameras when you’re away.

These Are Example Of Clients CCTV Images As Displayed On A Smart Phone.

They Even Have Night Vision Capability.

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